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M is for Memorabilia… (#A-ZChallenge2016)

… start making now! Time flies and memories don’t stay for long. As we get busy in our lives, we tend to forget beautiful moments in life. Often when we spend very little time on the memory and move on but we dwell a lot on negative memories. There were times when I saved chocolate […]

I is for (In)dependent (#A-Z challenge 2016)

I am a very independent woman. Growing up in a big family with four boys and three sisters and having parents who encouraged us to go ahead and do whatever we wanted to achieve, studying in a city and working in a metro bustling with crowds helped this even more. I have traveled all over […]

A is for Accept … (#A-Z Challenge 2016)

…Unconditionally. I was very young when this incident happened. I was in school. One summer noon one of my cousins who is almost 14 years elder to me had come with her husband and three children ( 1 daughter and 2 sons). ┬áNext morning they all got ready to go to my aunt’s house except […]