I am a very independent woman. Growing up in a big family with four boys and three sisters and having parents who encouraged us to go ahead and do whatever we wanted to achieve, studying in a city and working in a metro bustling with crowds helped this even more. I have traveled all over […]

… for a moment before you let it go.  You don’t agree? Read on… I had a roomie who had no control on her anger.  My first encounter with her was when she was angry. She was shouting at the cleaning lady and was expecting me to join her.  I was cool. She fought with […]

… say it,  show it.. Recently, in a mothers forum on facebook, a lady asked a question to other members. “When was the last time your husband said  ‘thank you’ or  ‘gave any compliment’ ?” 90% of the women said, Never Don’t remember Before wedding Thank you? My husband doesn’t know what that means For […]

… forever I had many topics like Forgiveness, Forget, Foolish, Freedom, Friends and Fun for this topic on F. Few moments were popping in my mind but I was not so excited to write about them.All of a sudden this special moment which I totally forgot about has popped out and I had to document it […]

…all alone When I was working, I traveled across India. I was completely a carefree, happy-go-lucky , independent girl who while travelling enjoyed reading a book, watching a movie, sipping coffees, writing a memoir or just watching out of the window and enjoying the amazing creation. I had all my time and privacy. I never […]

… together One of the reasons I fell in love with this wonderful man in my life was his Dream.  I always believed in dreaming and have many dreams to fulfill. If you know how zodiac signs portrait people, I am sure you would have guessed that I am a Piscean. During our initial days […]

… whole heartedly. My Mother: 64 yrs old born in an army family has one younger sister born and brought up in  city went to a Christian convent was an active Scouts and Guides member loved cycling as a kid and a teen modern thinking My Father: 72 old born in a farmers family has […]