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As soon as I read the prompt, the smile on my face took me 4 1/2 years in to the past. The most beautiful event of my life. My wedding. My two cents on fixing the date of wedding – ‘Do NOT get married in the last week of the month if you are in […]

The year of PAUSE

Some years just pass by and some make you feel like they are here forever. If you observe, the year with happiness moves faster than the year of sorrows and troubles. when I read this prompt ‘Bittersweet October‘ by Blogadda is when I woke up to the fact that we have stepped into the final […]

Because he said so, I blog.

2008: We were meeting for the second time. This time I was sure to meet him after office hours. Last time I remember how tensed I was leaving all the work and meeting him for lunch. Saturday is half working day for all but I always worked full time. So I called him at 3pm […]

‘A ‘CLICK’ that changed my life’

Goodbye! I smiled. CLICKKKK… the door closed. No turning back. I know I am not going to open it again. Tried my best to control my tears. My identity was associated with that door. I chose to close it permanently. I was asked to think again and stay back. I wanted to stay back. I […]

A foe turned friend : A 25 year old cute story from my life

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.   I was eight and I hated that girl.   I hated her the most. Location: A small town called Anantapur in Andhrapradesh, class III of a small government school. I was new to the class and the town. I was […]

The Journey of January

It all started in 2013. January will always be a special month for me. A new beginning for an endless Journey as a mother. The month in which for the very first time I touched the best miracle of God!    When on this new year eve she was dazzling in her blue Jeans and pink top and was so comfortable […]