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Dine together!

Switch off that TV, iPad, mobile phone and head off to dinner. This is the most important time for your family to bond and grow together. I for one would recommend knocking off all distractions and relaxing before you go to sleep or your dinner time.  Family in the current scenario is more of a […]

ME before family

When you look at your life who do you think is the most important person? I mean in your life? Well…. You might start giving me your loved one’s names but let me stop you right there. You forgot yourself. No. I am not saying you should be selfish and think about yourself and not […]

Love your skin. Handle it with care.

Really. I wonder sometimes. Not about the deep beauty inside the heart. I mean I know that it is the true measure of one’s heart but about the skin and other such beauty tips floating around. What do we trust? How do we know that following a certain routine will actually help unless you follow […]

Are you ready for a child?

Are you ready for a child? I mean completely ready? I thought I was and now I know how wrong I was! You can never be completely ready for a child. You may think you are but you never can be. Until you actually have one! Boy! This is a tough job and you got […]

Just a PAUSE ||

Time flies. Can’t believe that I was away from the cracker box for 120 days. That’s too long. Isn’t it? There is not a single day when I felt bad for having started this blog. When I started the cracker box, I did not see such a long break coming. Some unavoidable personal and family […]

Good rhymes are here to stay.

I always repeated rhymes like a parrot when in school. Then came the time to say goodbye and I did it without even thinking more about them. One day, I was singing rhymes for my daughter and my husband said, did you notice the lyrics of all the rhymes you sang now? That’s how the […]

Going slow on blogging.

Now I know how diffficult it is to blog when there is a 2 year old at home. It happened with TV first, then with phone and now with laptop. This little one likes to try her hand at everything I work on or just hold my hand and route me to other place to play […]

Writing on the wall – Part IV – Danielle Bruckert

Till yesterday, I really did not know Danielle Bruckert  except as the author of my most favourite children’s book : “Writing On Walls”. When I started writing these lines last night,  I wanted to see more details about her to understand her better.  I was amused to see her as the brain behind my favourite website […]

Writing on the wall – III – Treasuring the wall art by my daughter

                    THE ARTIST   To read part -I please click here – To read part -II please click here – To read Part – IV please click here –

Writing on the wall – Part II – My darling daughter

My daughter started painting when she was 7 months old.     Then came her crawling and walking stage.   We got her a set of crayons and gave her a canvas sheet. We did not insist her to write on that but I wanted to treasure that sheet in case if she writes. She took […]