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Flipping through the year 2015

Few hours to say good bye to 2015 and welcome a new year. Though, for many, it is just an other day, I feel It is a blessing to see a new year. Many couldn’t make it till this day. An year of challenges that kept me BUSY with the work I cannot measure or […]

#LetItShine. Tips for baby skin care – 5 important things to do

“BABY SKIN” What comes to your mind when I say it? A rose petal? Cream? Silk? Velvet? Satin? How can you describe it in a word? Soft? Supple? Delicate? Tender? Sensitive? You fall short of words. Don’t you? We may think of many adjectives but still feel that there should be some special word to […]

Have a Happy Children’s Day!

This Children’s day, I want to share few of my childhood memories with you all.   Jab main choti ladki thee, badee shararath kartee thee. That’s how we usually speak about our childhood. Agree?                   We were seven siblings and our home was full of kids all the time, with us, cousins and friends of each one of us. We were the only […]

Make a child’s day

It is good if you had a great childhood and if you are giving the best of what you can give to your child.  But, this Children’s day think of those children who struggle for freedom, love, care, education, food and above all their existence. When you see such a child today, if not anything, […]

Turning one is fun. Happy Birthday Cracker Box.

Today, Cracker Box turned ONE. Starting a blog again was always in my mind (My blogger husband was behind me for years to start one), but all of a sudden after Diwali last year while looking at the newspaper where there was a sale ad for crackers, the cracker box caught my attention. The box had […]

The story of a Good Samaritan

When I posted my post on Sunday Slice- Plant the good, I remembered the below incident that happened at our home recently. Thought to share it with you all. My dad who is 72, has been using  a Sunny, an old small bike of my younger sister which aged gracefully. Though the bike is very […]

Happy 17th, dear Google!

When I open my eyes every morning, you give me The Bible to read and news to see what happened around the world while I was sleeping. You lead me to the counselors when I was ambiguous about pregnancy and baby care. You routed me to the best baby foods, the best pediatrician and the best […]

Del Monte Spirali spin

Let us make some Italian style pasta for breakfast today. I am going to give you an easy recipe and simple creamy cheesy solution. Though I was never a Pasta lover , this contest made me experiment with it’s new baby Spirali and this truly has spun its magic on me. Hence I named it […]

Even death could not dare to trouble you – A tribute to Dr. Kalam

Dear Sir, A few years back, when my husband asked me whom would I like to meet and take a picture with? I instantly replied, ‘Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Mother Teresa’. My answer, I am sure would explain how much you mean to me. He shook his hand, said thank you buddy. “Are you tired? […]

Nourish with Naturals

When my baby was born, we have received many gifts from friends and relatives most of which were hampers from two of the well known baby product brands in India. The hampers, along with many other items contained baby massage oil which we used to massage our bundle of joy. Giving a massage and bath […]