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F is for Friends … (#A-Z Challenge 2016)

… forever I had many topics like Forgiveness, Forget, Foolish, Freedom, Friends and Fun for this topic on F. Few moments were popping in my mind but I was not so excited to write about them.All of a sudden this special moment which I totally forgot about has popped out and I had to document it […]

E is for Escape … ( #A-Z Challenge 2016)

…all alone When I was working, I traveled across India. I was completely a carefree, happy-go-lucky , independent girl who while travelling enjoyed reading a book, watching a movie, sipping coffees, writing a memoir or just watching out of the window and enjoying the amazing creation. I had all my time and privacy. I never […]

D is for Dreaming … (#A-Z Challenge 2016)

… together One of the reasons I fell in love with this wonderful man in my life was his Dream.  I always believed in dreaming and have many dreams to fulfill. If you know how zodiac signs portrait people, I am sure you would have guessed that I am a Piscean. During our initial days […]

C is for Change … (#A-Z Challenge 2016)

… whole heartedly. My Mother: 64 yrs old born in an army family has one younger sister born and brought up in  city went to a Christian convent was an active Scouts and Guides member loved cycling as a kid and a teen modern thinking My Father: 72 old born in a farmers family has […]

B is for Be There … (#A-Z Challenge 2016)

I was so angry and upset when my husband said he is not okay me going home for my delivery. For ages this has been a kind of norm in India to send a pregnant woman to her house in her 5th month or 7th month and let her stay till the baby turns  5 […]

A is for Accept … (#A-Z Challenge 2016)

…Unconditionally. I was very young when this incident happened. I was in school. One summer noon one of my cousins who is almost 14 years elder to me had come with her husband and three children ( 1 daughter and 2 sons).  Next morning they all got ready to go to my aunt’s house except […]

#A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

Last year when I heard about A-Z Challenge, I was excited. I thought that’s the best way to have some personal stress bursting time and a drive to be a consistent blogger. I had a theme in mind and was waiting to reveal it. I did some home work and kept few posts in draft. […]

Sunday Slice – What drives you?

The appetite of laborers works for them; their hunger drives them on. Proverbs 16:26 NIV #SundaySlice #Proverbs 16 #TheBible #BibleQuotes

100 Happy Days – Week 1

Day 1 – January 1, 2016 Starting every year this way has been a ritual in my family. Breaking this leaves me with a sense of guilt. I broke this twice, once when in college and then when I was just 3 days due for my delivery. Second one never made me feel guilty but the […]

Sunday Slice – Humble yourselves

  Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. I Peter 5:6 #SundaySlice #BibleQuotes # I Peter 5 #HappySunday #Behumble