P is for Praying …(#A-ZChallenge2016)



Prayer has been the most important thing in our lives since my childhood. We believe that “A family that prays together stays together”.

My dad used to wake us u by  5 am and gather us for a family prayer.  I know how much I hated to wake up and sing with my eyes closed , then read a verse aloud and sleep when my dad prayed 🙂 As soon as I heard Amen (if at all I was awake ) I used to lie down there and sleep again.

My mother in law can pray for hours and hours on knees. I keep hearing the stories of her and my father in law praying together all the night, if they had any problem. They still follow the same.

My sisters father-in-law was a pastor and everyone in the house (about 15-20 members) gathered at their home church every morning and evening no matter what came in. Deaths, births, disasters nothing could stop prayers at their home. When the pastor died slowly people stopped coming to family prayers. Some wanted to sleep for long, some wanted to go out in the evening at that time. There was peace missing in the house. Brothers fought over the properties, Children never could succeed in their studies and careers, people had troubles with their health. Atleast few realized and started prayers again. The church started again with hope and blessings from God.

The best way to keep the harmony in any relationship is by praying together. Prayer has the power to connect people, build love, give you strength and confidence.

  • Make a habit of gathering for family prayer every day.
  • Make sure everyone gets a chance to pray at least once a week.
  • Ask children about their day before praying, both good and bad and pray for the points they mentioned.
  • Make sure to seek apologies if you are not in harmony with anyone before the prayer. If not, I am sure you will after the prayer. That is the power of praying together.


#A-Z Challenge

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