M is for Memorabilia… (#A-ZChallenge2016)

… start making now!


Time flies and memories don’t stay for long. As we get busy in our lives, we tend to forget beautiful moments in life. Often when we spend very little time on the memory and move on but we dwell a lot on negative memories.

There were times when I saved chocolate wraps, pens, books, greetings cards, coins , childhood dresses , the first flower my husband gave etc., I still do but, when my husband saved my daughters first nails, a lock of hairs after her first cut, I thought he was crazy.  When I recently I found them in his cupboard, I felt happy. I felt nostalgic. Washing her long hair, combing,  tying them,  moved in front of my eyes and I was convinced that it was worth saving the memorabilia.

We are trying our best to keep all the memories safe by letters, mails and blogging.  My daughters blog: ” The Diary of a Little Tigress”. I am sure she will cherish all  these moments when she reads the blog. My blog the tin trunk is a majorly a collection of my memories.

Why not spend a little effort on making positive memories and saving them to remember each person in your life so when you remember then you will remember the sweet memory?

Buy a nice Trunk Box, start stuffing it memories. Save it. It will time travel making your memorabilia live for generations.



#A-Z Challenge

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