L is for Listen … (#A-Z Challenge 2016)

… Just listen.


I have a naughty little niece who is pampered and difficult to handle when it comes to watching TV, eating and studying. She comes up with one or the other excuse and her soft-hearted mom melts down.  During her stays here in summer I was forced to play the strict aunt role. Though I am the most favorite aunt for day all other niece and nephews, this little lady will surely hate me till she grows up 🙂

Last year when I wasn’t well for few days and was on bed rest, this girl saw a completely milder version of me and was comfortable speaking to me. She came to me and said, Pinni (maternal aunt), can we speak? With a big laugh I said, “Sure, come in, what do you want to speak?” She closed the door, came with a bowl of her favorite cereal and pulled a chair next to me, made herself comfortable and started speaking. Whenever I reminded her, she ate her cereal. She went on explaining many stories expressions on her face k. It was fun listening and laughing. Everyone out was curious as this combination never worked for sitting and speaking and laughing.

I felt bad that day, unlike other children in the house I could enjoy my time with her. I was forced to play a negative role for her as I was the only one who could discipline her.

Surprisingly she completed her bowl of cereal without any force. after speaking for a while she went to the door, opened and said. I will come tomorrow and we will speak again tomorrow.

While listening to her I realized how many good things did I miss with her. I had a ritual of listening to her every  day during her entire stay. We bonded well and she stared listening to me (at least for that season, she was normal to her stubbornness again 😀 in her next visit.

During my stressful days at work I used to work till late night and then there was always a boy who used to listen to my day over phone for hours and hours. He still does at home when back from work 🙂

At work, being in Human Resources Team I had a chance to enhance my listening skills and I loved listening to people because I know how important it is to be heard. People cried many a times and then felt better because they are off burden after pouirng out their heart.

Just listen, you don’t have to advise. Listening can heal, souls repair hearts and bonds.

You never know, you would be saving a life, just by listening.

WP_20150505_23_25_54_Pro.jpg#A-Z Challenge



  1. yep- so very correct listening is an art.

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  2. OH, my! The photo! That is so great for this post.
    Thanks for stopping by at Kicking MS to the Curb – and happy A to Z.

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