J is for Joy… (#A-Z Challenge 2016)

… of small things.


Joy is something you create on your own for you and the people around. You  don’t really need a big reason to find joy.

During our courtship, one day my husband said something for fun which made me cry.I cried. He felt bad. Apologized. But I couldn’t stop crying. He took me to a shop. I was quiet. I accompanied him. He asked me to go and do some shopping for my niece. And after few minutes, here he comes with a huge teddy bear which brought a smile on my face. He never made me cry again. I still tease him that he is scared of another expensive gift hence he is scared of making me cry 🙂

Joy doesn’t  always come with a price tag. There are many simple ways to spread joy. Here are some.

  • Pull your head out of the computer screen, your phone screen or television screen, go grab a nice strong coffee take your loved one on to the roof top. Talk and walk while you enjoy the sip.
  • How about playing in the sand or mud with your child? Or just turn the shower on and play in the water?
  • Take out those paints and splash them on the Tee.
  • Cook for your wife or just order and let her relax.
  • Tell your boy or girl to skip home work once a while. I’m serious. Tell their teacher about the reason. Spend that time together playing.
  • How about sending a snail mail to your best friend?
  • How about calling your helper and ask her to take off ?
  • How about making some special tea for her when she is not well?

We know that there is no tooth fairy and no Santa. We still believe in them just to make others happy. Try and make more events and be another Santa or a tooth-fairy.
If celebrating new year, Christmas, Rose day, Valentine’s day or any other day can fill people with joy,  why not celebrate?  It doesn’t need to be big and expensive.

We at home try and enjoy every small event.

We celebrated  when she took her first step, she sprouted her first tooth, when I left my job, When my daughter went to her playschool for the first time. You don’t need any reason to fill the joy.

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#A-Z Challenge





  1. When the joy is missing around our house, we drop everything and go get some ice cream, or head to the beach for a little break. Usually it means we just haven’t been filling up the ‘love tank’ of everyone involved. Great post. Thank you!

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    1. What a way bring the joy back. I love that icecream part. I remember how me and my husband used to just get up from work late in the night go for some ice cream and come back. Loved the term Love Tank 🙂

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  2. all wonderful suggestions!

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    1. Hey Kathe. Hope you are having a great time at Mexico. Was very busy to visit your beautiful blog cherish some of your momenta. Thanks for coming back here it means a lot to me. I am eager to visit your blog again to see your snaps at Mexico 🙂


  3. Luv the teddy bear; luv the sentiment!

    Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge
    Theme: The Fun in Writing #218

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    1. Thank you Gail for visiting me back 🙂 I am missing your posts. I am gonna drop by tomorrow to cover all posts. Have been so busy at home. Thanks for loving my post.


  4. Love all your suggestions for creating joy, especially the one about actually writing a letter to someone rather than typing a e-mail or text. Lovely post.

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    1. Thank you Pamela for stopping by. Yes I love snail mails and I have collection of letters from my friends from my teens. My husband still sends me mails by post though we live together 🙂 I am glad you liked it.


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