I is for (In)dependent (#A-Z challenge 2016)


I am a very independent woman. Growing up in a big family with four boys and three sisters and having parents who encouraged us to go ahead and do whatever we wanted to achieve, studying in a city and working in a metro bustling with crowds helped this even more. I have traveled all over the country in trains, buses, ricks, flights and on the road working as a HR professional and you know how working in a start-up could be. It was just pack up a bag and go ready to face anything the journey would throw at me. Same thing applied to work and life, face anything with a smile and take decisions on the go.

Until I got married and we had our child. Things changed drastically or did they? Being independent doesn’t mean you live a carefree life doing whatever you want to do. It means you are free to make a choice of what suits you best at that moment and take a decision. Once your decisions start effecting others, then you are slightly more cautious and realistic. As a wife, I take my own decisions about what I like and what I would love to do. Most of the decisions come as a surprise to my husband and he is pretty okay with it. Some of them we discuss and do but most of them I do on my own. Then came our first child.

My independence did not get effected one bit on fact there are two new souls under my dependence umbrella. Each of my decisions would now be having repercussions on these two souls which means I have to be more responsible and watch out for the results of these decisions. As a woman, my independence has taught me how to tackle complex problems at work and life and this independence has given me more responsibility to handle my family now and it has been amazing. We all need independence and once we prove to be worthy, life throws more challenges at us and more people come under our wings and trust their independence with us. Once we understand this huge responsibility, we will enjoy the freedom more.

Stay independent and live life to the fullest for the moments you share with others taking care of your loved ones are the best you are going to remember.



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