H is for Hold the anger … (#A-Z Challenge)

… for a moment before you let it go.


 You don’t agree? Read on…

I had a roomie who had no control on her anger.  My first encounter with her was when she was angry.

She was shouting at the cleaning lady and was expecting me to join her.  I was cool. She fought with almost every one.  People hated her.  I always kept my cool. I was the only one she did not fight with.

I can’t sleep with light on and she knew this and made every effort to keep the tube light on. I got a eye mask. I was angry. I could easily vent it out and get in to a fight. I bought an eye mask. Slowly when we became best friends from just roomies, she bought a bed light and started using it rather keeping the light on. Slowly she started telling her concerns to me first, before she could express her anger. That brought peace  in her life and every ones  life.

A friend of mine who at his work known for his anger and impulsive behavior,  resigned just because his supervisor did not grant him leave.  Supervisor, who was waiting to get rid of this guy immediately accepted his resignation. This guy did not expect this but thought he will be asked to go on leave. He never had a thought of leaving his job. He had to apologize  to take his resignation back. He was not taken in to the project but was put on bench for many months.

A lady I know couldn’t hold her anger and threw all the items on her husband when they had a fight.  She even pulled his hair and hit him. The issue was a simple one and could have been solved sitting and having a cup of coffee and some fries 🙂

A cousin of mine gets  furious at her children almost every day and every moment. Kids are scared of her.  She can just bash them left and right for the smallest mistake and a simple noise they make while playing.  She spanked kids in the public places. I am sure she would have been jailed if our child right policies are stringent in India.

I don’t advise on holding the anger and accumulate the anger and giving some stress and trouble to brain and nerves but I feel holding it for few minutes before we take a step which can ruin everyones happiness and the beauty of relationship.  Here are few points to control your anger.

  • Take a timeout
  • Go for a walk
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Go to balcony and have some fresh air
  • Go and take a shower
  • Take a piece of paper and write down all your frustration
  • Smile at a kid
  • Count up to 10

Now time to release the anger. How? Explain in a constructive way. Don’t explode.


#A-Z Challenge


  1. Very nice post! I like the words you’ve chosen and the positive theme for the A to Z Challenge.
    Trisha Faye

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    1. Thank you Trisha, for stopping by. I am glad you liked my theme for A-Z

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  2. This is so true. Throughout my life, I too have known people who have gotten/get really angry over the simplest things and explode(d). Coming from someone who has divorced parents, I grew up around a lot of yelling/cursing, etc. I have learned through the years to try to control my own anger either by writing or listening to music. At times, if I get angry at a specific person, I walk away first and calm down before going back to the same person and working it out. I like your theme. Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. ~Meg Writer‘s Crossings

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  3. Thoughtful and intelligent and kind post!

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  4. I think of anger as an expression of fear. If I can figure out the fear at the base of my anger, it helps dispel it.

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  5. Nice Post! very thoughtful. Anger eats up a person channelizing it in a right way is the best strategy.

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  6. Anger corrodes the soul like acid. I find writing it out in a notebook helps. Happy A to Z!

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  7. Thank you for such a great post. I’m one of those people who get angry far too often. I look forward to reading more from you. I found you on the A-Z challenge list

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  8. Nilanjana Bose · · Reply

    Good advice! Hold the anger and keep it for worthwhile causes, not rage at your near and dear ones for petty things. Here from the A-Z and liked the positivity of your post.

    Best wishes,
    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

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