F is for Friends … (#A-Z Challenge 2016)

… forever


I had many topics like Forgiveness, Forget, Foolish, Freedom, Friends and Fun for this topic on F. Few moments were popping in my mind but I was not so excited to write about them.All of a sudden this special moment which I totally forgot about has popped out and I had to document it before I could forget again.So here is my topic for the letter F: Friends.

The following incident happened when I was doing a course on weekends to enhance my professional skills.

He:  Why? Aren’t we friends?
Me:  We are, but you see,  those friend are different, You sit, act like listening to the                        lecture, speak through chits, bunk classes oh that fun is different.
He:  You did not find any at your class? It’s been four weeks already.
Me:  No, looks like entire class is of introverts. Like me. it’s so boring.

Next Sunday:

He:  Hey I am sending you a book through my friend. Can you pick it up at Central on your            way to your class please?
Me: Okay, who is he? How can I recognize him?
He:  Just go and give me a call. He knows you.
Me: Okay!

I asked the taxi guy to stop there and started looking around for his friend. I see HIM. It’s HIM, not his friend.

I was so surprised with his visit. He accompanied me till my class. I said I can bunk class. He asked me to attend the class  and  said he will wait outside and meet me during lunch break. I went and sat in the class. I was so anxious.

Just before the class started, he  gave me another surprise by coming in to the class and sitting next to me. It was a big shock for me. Faculty started his lecture and I still was confused who allowed him in to the class room. I sent a note on a piece of paper. He replied. This went on for some time.

When the class was over, I wanted to tell him to leave the class, but before the faculty could leave, the college administrator came in and said, “Hi guys, today we have a guest speaker here. Mr Vamshi Krishna ( his intro went on for sometime). He is going to speak about… He has come all the way from Bangalore to be here with us”.

I am sure you can imagine my condition. He went on speaking and the class was super impressed with him but I couldn’t pay attention to any point as I was so nervous.

During lunch he said, let’s bunk the class. I have my flight at 7pm and I have to leave now. We bunked the class, went to a coffee shop before saying goodbye to him.

This didn’t end there. After wedding we joined in a PG programme and attended classes together. This time it was quite seriously listening to classes and writing down the notes, sharing lunch and some notes 🙂

What can you see here? Fun and Friends isn’t it? It’s fun being friends and friends are forever,

When you have  a friend as a partner life is beautiful. If you see your partner just as a wife or husband, it’s time to make a new best friend in your life. Same applies to any relationship.

Treat your children like the way you treat your friends. The best compliment I would love to hear from my kids is would be ” My mother is my best friend”.

with your best friend

with my best friend

#A-Z Challenge


  1. Gail M Baugniet · · Reply

    Such a wonderful story, Sarah. I got goosebumps (chills) reading it. How perfect to have your lifetime mate also your best friend. Beautiful photograph of two friends!
    Thank you for visiting my site today for F is for Fish Fry and Flames.

    Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge
    Theme: The Fun in Writing #238

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    1. Thank you Gail for the compliment. It’s me and my husband in the pic 🙂


  2. Hello, here today for bonus challenge. I am now following!!
    Best Wishes,

    My A2Z @ Annette’s Place | Follow Me On Twitter

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    1. Thank you Annette for visiting my blog and following

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