D is for Dreaming … (#A-Z Challenge 2016)

… together


One of the reasons I fell in love with this wonderful man in my life was his Dream.  I always believed in dreaming and have many dreams to fulfill. If you know how zodiac signs portrait people, I am sure you would have guessed that I am a Piscean.

During our initial days of our friendship, my husband used to tell me about his dreams. I used to share mine. Slowly with time few of my dreams and his dreams became OUR dreams. We started dreaming together.  Some for us, some for our little one.

We have a big dream which will take time and money to fulfill and we have a long way to reach there.  Some dream that will impact society in a positive way. The dream that will take all our energy and time. Though we have a long way to go, we haven’t given up on that and we are making all the ground work and getting ourselves ready for it.

When you dream alone struggle will be yours alone to achieve it. But if you have a partner who is passionate about his / her dreams will definitely respect your dreams and definitely support completely. Like in my case. I get full support and suggestions to fulfill my dreams as my husband believing in dreaming.

When you dream together and start the journey you will realize how fun it is to have an interesting co-traveler with same destination. Dream with your partner. Dream with your kids. Small and big. Achieve together. It gives a sense of being together, working together and living together.

Nandi Hills 217.jpg

#A-Z Challenge


  1. a lovely image for your post- very beautiful! and your dreams will come true!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kathe. It’s me and my husband in the picture 🙂 Thank you for your wishes.


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