A is for Accept … (#A-Z Challenge 2016)



I was very young when this incident happened. I was in school. One summer noon one of my cousins who is almost 14 years elder to me had come with her husband and three children ( 1 daughter and 2 sons).  Next morning they all got ready to go to my aunt’s house except their daughter. My cousin came to the girl, kept a rupee coin in her hand said, ” we will be back tomorrow morning. Be a good girl and play,  Granny will take care of you”. The girl, standing in her light green dress had tears in her eyes. When I asked my mom the reason for not taking the girl along with them, she said, because the girl is DARK. I was shocked. I was furious and shouted at my mother for allowing them to do so. She said she tried her best to convince them but her dad did not agree at all. My aunt to whose house they had gone, never liked dark people so these guys weren’t comfortable taking her along.

Do I need to continue the incident ? I think I shouldn’t as they never changed and so is my aunt. The girl got married to a FAIR guy and her two sons are fair and handsome and people in the village think she is lucky. I agree. She is lucky for getting a  husband who did not believe in skin colour.

Like these parents could not accept her colour, many do not accept a girl child, a child with special needs or a partner with some health problems. In India it is common to abort a baby girl or just throw her in a bin or drainage after her birth. Last week, when I met a lady who is educated and well settled and successful  in her profession. I was shaken when she said her husband left her and settled with another lady just because this lady was diagnosed with a tumor in her spine and he felt she is of no use.

If you are someone  who is reading this and have difficulty in accepting people and loving them as they are,  its time to introspect and see the disabilities you have and realize how graciously your parents, siblings , partner and friends have accepted you. God made everything beautiful.  Accept everyone unconditionally.

The Tin Trunk

#A-Z Challenge


  1. How sad for your cousin, but how wonderful she found just the right man for a husband.

    Vising for A-Z. @PolarBear60 on Twitter. http://pmtoo.jeanschara.com/journal


    1. Thank you Jean for taking time to read my post.


  2. Great example from your own experience of non-acceptance and illustrating how important acceptance of others whatever the difference. Thanks for sharing – leaves me richer.
    Kathryn from Discovering Daisies

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    1. Thank you for stopping by Kathryn and listening to my experience.


  3. Oh! That was a horrible thing to do! I would rather NOT go to such relatives at all where I cannot take my daughter along. How mean!
    I also wrote on Acceptance today. So I especially loved your post.
    – Chicky @ http://www.mysteriouskaddu.com

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    1. Thank you Chicky, for dropping by. I agree with you on NOT taking my daughter or any loved one where they are not welcomed or respected. They do not deserve my love, respect and attention. I would love to visit your blog for sure 🙂


  4. thoughtful words- I cannot imagine judging people by their color- I’ll be following you through the A-Z Challenge! Cheers!

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    1. Thank you Kathe for stopping by. I am glad you chose to follow me through A-Z.


  5. randommusings29 · · Reply

    Wow, it both shocks and saddens me that people still face this amount of prejudice everyday, especially when it is coming from their own families. Well done to you for standing up for that young girl

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    1. Thank you Debbie for being here and reading my post.


  6. Denice · · Reply

    As we are in the middle of an historically contentious Presidential election season, I have no doubt this sort of UNacceptance exists. Here, this type of unacceptance is a small flame being fanned. Any other time I wouldn’t have believed it.

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    1. We are excited about Presidential elections. Let the best man win. Thanks for stopping by Denice.


  7. Acceptance is a key to peace in society. Thanks for posting!

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  8. I wish i could say that I am shocked, but I’m not. I work with special needs children and when we take them for trips out into the community, we occasionally get people who point, whisper, or make nasty comments. Even the most beautiful person can be ugly and cruel inside. Even someone who is healthy and whole one day may become sick or disfigured the next. All that we can do – as you are doing with this post – is to try and change a mind or two, and to stand up and defend those who need it. But there will always be people who cannot or will not change.

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    1. Well said Lisa. Even the most beautiful person can be ugly and cruel inside. I have great respect for people who work with special needs children. We have a special need child in our family and we love him just the way we love all other kids. But sometime hearing some nasty comments or those weird looks from people around makes me furious. One they are answerable to God. Keep up the good work.


  9. Gail M Baugniet · · Reply

    You’ve made a powerful statement that needs to be stressed around the world.
    #AlohaFriday to you.

    Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge

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    1. Thank you Gail for visiting my blog. A small effort from me to make people introspect if they discriminate people. Happy Sunday to you.


  10. I truly don’t understand such bigotry, perhaps because I was raised in the international world. My mother worked for an agency in Taiwan that would rescue babies born with defects/deformities and were about to be abandoned because there, too, parents were free to discard such children.

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  11. Red, my respects to your mother. It is sad to hear that parents are free to discard their babies in Taiwan. I am hearing it for the first time. I hope and pray to see a change there. Thanks for your comment.


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