#A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

atoz-theme-reveal-2016 v2.jpg

Last year when I heard about A-Z Challenge, I was excited. I thought that’s the best way to have some personal stress bursting time and a drive to be a consistent blogger. I had a theme in mind and was waiting to reveal it. I did some home work and kept few posts in draft. Little did I know that life will change to an extent where I will have no time for anything. Due to some unexpected and unavoidable conditions which needed my complete attention I couldn’t participate but to anticipate for 2016 challenge. Things haven’t changed much and am finding it difficult to blog but I am hoping to participate this year and be a survivor.

My idea of naming my blog was to document memoirs for me, my family and many others who might just stop by and find it helping them in anyway.

My theme for A-Z Challenge for the year 2016 is “Timeless Tales from The Tin Trunk”.

I am trying to connect these tales to some basic relationship rules. I am no relationship expert but being born in a BIG and closely knitted family, I have witnessed many success stories and failures in the family and also in our friend groups.

I hope you would show some love, read and share and encourage me.

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