Flipping through the year 2015

Few hours to say good bye to 2015 and welcome a new year. Though, for many, it is just an other day, I feel It is a blessing to see a new year. Many couldn’t make it till this day.
An year of challenges that kept me BUSY with the work I cannot measure or I cannot particularly mention. I think 2015 is the hectic year I ever had, more as a mother and a daughter than an individual. Sometimes, I feel that the year 2015 has not added any value to me as a person but I realize that more than an year of challenges it has been an year of learning. Learning to face unexpected circumstances, learning to act with vigilance during such times, learning to have loads of patience was not that easy and I am still learning to be content.
I got a never again opportunity to stay with my parents at my hometown for four months at a stretch leaving my dear husband at Bangalore to work in peace. I know those days will never come back as my daughter starts schooling next year.
Many plans for 2015 have to go on hold including my blogging but I have no regrets as I firmly believe that there is a time for everything and HE will make all things beautiful in HIS time.
Have seen people leaving this world in pain, some still fighting for life and some surviving with a victory. As a family we were lucky to have our father surviving a major stroke. When I see people who lost their loved ones I praise God for blessing me and gifting me another day of happiness.
More than anything the lesson I learnt this year is “The only reason to celebrate is to be ALIVE”.
Here I am getting ready to be at the best place to say good bye the year and welcome new year. Like every year. Church. Off I go. Have a great year ahead folks.



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