Make a child’s day

It is good if you had a great childhood and if you are giving the best of what you can give to your child.  But, this Children’s day think of those children who struggle for freedom, love, care, education, food and above all their existence. When you see such a child today, if not anything, give a smile. If you cannot do anything just close your eyes and pray for a minute for these children to be saved from all the evil they are fighting with.
Make a child’s day. It’s doesn’t cost much. Most of the time it costs nothing.

Last Sunday, I took my daughter to a nearby park for playing. Being a holiday the crowd was huge and almost every kid was playing with a ball. Park was full of colorful balls. The vendor who sells them definitely was having a great sale that day. I was happy for him as he cannot speak(differently able) but stands and sells toys so graciously. I bought toys from him whenever I found him at the main gate.  My daughter started running behind the balls other kids were playing with and was not willing to give them back. I wanted to get her also one so I went back to the main gate. I bought an orange colored ball and two bubble blowers. I had no energy to go all the way to children’s play area so I went and settled at a corner near the main entrance.

After seeing the bubble blower my girl lost interest in playing with the ball. I started blowing bubbles while singing ‘pop the bubbles’. After few seconds I heard giggles. Three little kids were trying to pop the bubbles in the air. When I looked at them, they were scared. they were scared if I would shout at them and ask to leave. They were three of age between 2-5 who came there to play from the nearby slum. Their dresses were worn out. They come and play every day in the park as they don’t have an entry ticket. I looked at them, smiled and asked them if they want to join in popping the bubbles. Two were silent but the youngest of three nodded her head. I started blowing bubbles and they enjoyed popping joyfully. When my girl got bored and started walking towards the lawns, I had to leave. I gave them the new bottle and told them to play. The joy on their face was priceless. I had some peace which I cannot express. I, for a moment forgot that I am extremely introverted and cannot dare to do anything that involves some action in public. But with these kids I forgot everything.

I went and sat on the lawn while my daughter started running here and there. She still wasn’t interested in the ball hence I kept it aside. All of a sudden a boy of about 5 years of age came and kicked it and ran behind it. He was followed by his younger brother who would be 3. They ran far and I started looking at them puzzled. Their mother went, shouted at them and brought the ball back to me and apologized. I asked her to let them play with it. She politely refused and left. Then after 2 minutes the elder one came to me and said, ‘ Aunty, can I play with your daughter? We both will play with this ball’.

I saw the younger one standing nearby and listening. I was shocked at his request. He was so polite and I was bowled by his approach. I should call him a gentleman. I laughed out loudly ( which, I hardly do) and said he can but for now she is interested in running so he can take the ball and play with his brother.

He was so happy and said, ‘Aunty I will play for five minutes and give you“. I told him to play as long as he wants to. He was so happy to hear that. He smiled heart-fully. He took the ball and said he will play nearby so that I can see. I was stunned at his words. I again told him to go anywhere he likes to play  and he can keep the ball too. But, the boy after some time came back and returned the ball. I insisted to keep the ball but he ran happily to his mother. His brother followed him. Their joy was priceless.

That evening I had peace and I was happy. For few days I have been thinking what to do on children’s day for my daughter but now I know what to do.

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