#MoreFreedomMoreFun with Pampers premium care pants the #SoftestForBabySkin

People say, “When a child is born a mother is born” but I say, “A mother is born when her pregnancy report comes positive”. Lol! That’s true. Ask me, ask any mom. Here is the story of our journey with Pampers, the #SoftestForBabySkin.
My ‘to-buy’ list was ready four months before my due date. I made a long list of about forty items with estimated cost in an MS-excel and named it  ‘Essentials’. Every time I edited the list, I sent it to my husband. I love working on excel. I coloured the cells as per categories, made pivots, graphs and pie-charts. I checked it again and again. I was crazy. But, I am sure every first time mother is like that.
One thing I missed in the list was, diapers. Missing it was intentional as I was completely against using diapers on a new born baby. Having been brought up in a big family, I haven’t seen my sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, grannies or any other using diapers for the babies at home. I still wonder how they managed the mess and how the kids managed to move with all the wetness. There are very few used them while going out but at home diapers were a big NO. I always heard BAD things about diapers. I heard diapers cause Infections, the shape of legs will change and the child will adopt a permanent duck walk. After hearing those horrifying comments, my mind was fixed for cloth nappies. Surprisingly, my intense research on Google couldn’t convince me 
I called my mother and told her to keep some 6-7 old cotton sarees washed and ironed. When she arrived, she made many of tiny triangular diapers with those sarees. I also bought some cloth diapers from the mall nearby. My husband after doing an extensive research on diapers recommended Pampers and tried convincing me but I was not ready to listen and so was my mother. I wanted cloth to be used for the baby at least for a month or two.
The day came when our bundle of joy arrived. I looked at her in the operation theatre and then in the morning when I opened my eyes and held my baby, I found her in a diaper. I asked my husband why did he get diapers? He showed me the packet and said that it is specially designed and made for NEWBORN babies. That yellow colour packet was beautiful. My girl looked too cute. My husband convinced me saying Pampers are in the industry for more than 60 years and is trusted across the globe by millions of people and we can trust too. No company can survive for so many decades if is producing products harmful to babies. My journey with Pampers started that moment and from then there is not even a day that our shelves are unfilled. I loved them and I used them on my baby every single day and night. It gave me a freedom to hold her any time, anywhere and in any dress including my expensive sarees and kurtas. I never had to look at other brands. Then came Pamper Dry Pants with Magic dry gel. I tried them on her and  found them very comfortable. They are more useful for kids who would not support lying on the bed and  get the pamper on and wait for the flaps to stick. I use both active baby pampers and magic dry gel pants for my daughter.
Last month when I visited my brothers place, I saw my niece using other brand pants comfortably. I was told that they are economical and are good. I thought why not try. As I stayed there for a week, I pulled one pant on my baby. She did not resist on day 1 but on day 2, she was NOT ready to wear them. I tried convincing her to try for one more day but she was not okay with it. I showed her the Pampers and she allowed me to put it on her. That shows how much comfortable she is with her Pampers.
Recently, when I read about the new pampers softest and saw the ad, I thought they are exaggerating. When I was about to write this post, I went to a nearby mall searching for this. I wanted to use this on my baby and write the review. I bought a sample pack of 20 and used on my little one. Trust me, It’s amazing. So soft and awesome. The pampers premium care pants are the SoftestForBabySkin. I had two complaints about the pampers products I was using which this new product has addressed. one, the absence of wetness indicator which was in NewBorn and Small sizes only and the other was the absence of sticky tape(which was too useful to wrap and throw the used diaper in the bin) in magic dry gel pants. A pack of 20 medium sized premium care pants is priced at Rs.375/-.
Here are some features of Pampers premium care pants:
1. All around Softness: Usually the waist band and leg cuffs are not that soft when compared to the rest of the diaper body. But in Pampers premium care pants the softness is all around. When I touched the band and cuffs I was happy.
2. Wetness Indicator: My complaint above is addressed by Pampers Premium Care Pants. Just a look at her bottom and I know if to change it or not. Yellow line turns to Blue when it’s time to change. Ah! I am relieved.
3. Disposal: I was away from pants only for one reason. No stick tape to seal and throw. Now with this Pampers premium care pants it is easy to wrap , stick and throw the used diapers. And I have no complaints anymore.
4. Baby Lotion: Baby lotion present in the Pamper premium Care diaper helps protect baby’s delicate skin from turning rough.
5. Up to 12 hours of dryness. Tried and tested. It really works unless the baby poops.
6. All around fit: Stretchy 360 degree waistband and leg cuffs.
7. Breathable materials: I wear ONLY cotton material and never bought any other fabric for my baby too. All gifts that came in any other fabric are still kept in a box or donated to the poor. Skin needs freedom to breathe. I feel comfortable in cotton.The Micro pores in these Pamper Premium Pants help air circulations, allowing skin to breath and I am quite impressed with it.
8. 5 star protection:  5 on 5 from me. Go for it. 
9. Comes in 4 sizes  Small, Medium, Large and Extra large.
10. Easy to use and throw: 
11. Appearance: In my packet I got some really cute Cartoons printed on the front side of the diapers. My favourite is this neon green Elephant 🙂
We never compromised on the comfort and quality of anything we gave our little one. We wanted her to feel the freedom she deserved. 
  • Freedom for her is to go where ever she wants to go in the house and whenever she wants to (hazardous areas are prohibited though). She doesn’t have a specific play area at home. Entire house is her play area. 
  • Freedom for her is to eat whatever the way she wants to. No force on spoon and fork or high chair 
  • Freedom for her is  to choose her toys to play with. I am not the one to decide what should she play with.
  • Freedom for her is to paint what she likes and where she likes. A painting brush or a finger or a crayon on the canvas or on a helmet or on the wall. 
And to feel the freedom my baby needs to be dry always. Her bottom needs that soft cushion to get the protection from the hard surfaces and the wetness.  
These Pampers premium care pants are very comfortable giving baby MORE FREEDOM and MORE FUN.
Get Pampers and let the baby feel the freedom and comfort. 
“This post is a part of the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity at BlogAdda” 

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