Turning one is fun. Happy Birthday Cracker Box.

Today, Cracker Box turned ONE.
Starting a blog again was always in my mind (My blogger husband was behind me for years to start one), but all of a sudden after Diwali last year while looking at the newspaper where there was a sale ad for crackers, the cracker box caught my attention. The box had all kinds of fire crackers. Some, which make too much of sound, some which doesn’t, some spark and flash and some just smoke. Some small and some big. Some pleasing to eyes and some scary to look at. Our life is like a cracker box, every moment is different just like the fire crackers. Some moments make us cry, some make us smile. Some make us hate and some move us to love. Some make you shout loud while some make you silent. With this concept in mind wanted to name my blog ‘the cracker box’ where I wanted to share my experiences and thoughts of all emotions.
The year demanded much of my time and attention to other things as I mentioned many a times in my previous posts hence, I couldn’t spend much of time here sharing many of my thoughts and experiences. All I could do was to take my diary and write and keep under my pillow. 

Still, Cracker Box gave me a sense of fulfillment. Whenever I wrote for prompts I got a badge. Every entry for the competitions I sent were valid though were not winning entries. After all the base work, I couldn’t participate in ‘A-Z blogging challenge’ but gearing up for next year. Recently recognized by BlogAdda as ‘Notable newbie’ for the period of October 15th – 22nd. I consider it as my blog’s birthday gift. Sunday Slice is my favourite
I may not be a professional writer and I may not write some glamorous sentences but I believe that communicating the essence of my thoughts is important and I am doing it to the best of my ability. I am not here to compete with others but I write here because it takes so much of unspoken burden off my mind on many issues. It makes me feel that I am connected to people while I enjoy my solitude as an introvert.
I have many plans for the coming year and I am sure to get the same love from you all.
Keep visiting, keep showing your love.
Thank you and wish me the best.

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