Notable Newbie @BlogAdda

Who wouldn’t like to get recognized? A baby smiles when you say “good job”. An old man will help you with all his heart when you appreciate his expertise. When you appreciate your wife’s cooking you will see enhanced tastes on your platter. Having been a HR specialist in Performance Management, Rewards and Recognition, I can vouch that recognition lifts anyone’s performance and pride.
On 15th of October, 2015, when I received a mail from BlogAddathat I am featured on their homepage in ‘Notable Newbie’, my feelings were the same. Just the way I felt whenever I received an award or appreciation at work. After all, this is my work now. I tried giving my best though there were certain limitations like my smart phone, which was my primary tool for blogging conked which made a huge impact on the frequency of my blogging. There are few other personal and family reasons too. With my new phone, I am back to blogging. I am hopeful to make a good use of it and be active in blog-sphere. 

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