Happy 17th, dear Google!

When I open my eyes every morning, you give me The Bible to read and news to see what happened around the world while I was sleeping.
You lead me to the counselors when I was ambiguous about pregnancy and baby care. You routed me to the best baby foods, the best pediatrician and the best baby stores.
I take miles to unknown places with so much confidence just because you are there next to me showing the routes and translating the language of strangers.
If to bring a smile on my loved ones face, you help me choose the best gifts, make some delicious food. You renewed my interest in reading, writing, cooking, learning new hobbies  and to see the world.
You made me independent by making me depended on you. You brought back  many of my childhood friends. Above all, I met my husband for the first time through you. I can’t thank you enough for that.
People say I am addicted to you. Sometimes, I think what would I be, without you?
Happy 17th, dear Google! 

Pic: googles doodle on its birthday

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