Even death could not dare to trouble you – A tribute to Dr. Kalam

Dear Sir,
A few years back, when my husband asked me whom would I like to meet and take a picture with?
I instantly replied, ‘Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Mother Teresa’. My answer, I am sure would explain how much you mean to me.
He shook his hand, said thank you buddy. “Are you tired? Would you like something to eat? I am sorry you had to stand so long because of me”. (source:https://goo.gl/5ilfwP )
You said this to a security guy? 
You called him a buddy? 
He was standing as a part of his duty sir. You said it is a punishment?
Forget the powerful people, can even a common eye look at his vigilance and acknowledge his pain of standing for hours? I was overwhelmed when I read that you met this guy personally just few minutes before you left this world, thanked him and apologized for being the reason for his inconvenience. This is what makes us feel you are one of US. Your journey from Rameshwaram to Rashtrapathi Bhavan was not an easy one. It was a walk on thorns to throne but you walked it with grace and pious.
I am sorry for keeping my tribute short and simple. I am keeping it just as simple as you were.
You gave the world somuch love and positivity that even death could not dare to trouble you by making you rest on the hospital bed for days and months. It showed all the respect to you sir, the MAN with a pure heart and a brilliant brain by taking you just in few minutes without making you suffer in pain.
Thank you, sir, 
for being born in India and for being the real Bharath Ratna.
Thank you, sir, 
for walking your talk and leading by example till your last minute.
Thank you, sir, 
for proving relationship is greater than religion and power.
Thank you, sir,
for inspiring young india with your immense knowledge and hunger for wisdom.
I promise to pass on your teachings to my children and their children too. I will teach them to dream impossible and make them possible. I will teach them to seek knowledge and practice simplicity, humbleness and humility. I will teach them to have a vision for a new millenium and fly with Wings of fire and their Ignited Minds to reach it.
You will live in our hearts forever.
May your soul rest in peace.
P.S: When I read online  on July 22, 2015 that Jharkhand minister Ms.Neera yadav paid tribute to you with a garland and applying tilak on your photo I was furious at the ignorance of her and the entire staff of school without having a clue that entire nation would pay homage to you just in five days . 

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