ME before family

When you look at your life who do you think is the most important person? I mean in your life? Well…. You might start giving me your loved one’s names but let me stop you right there. You forgot yourself. No. I am not saying you should be selfish and think about yourself and not about your family or the loved ones. I mean that you are very important to your family and it is very important that you are at your best so your family gets the best of you. Same applies to your work too. You can be the best when you are really at your best. I have something for you to be the best of yourself for your family and your loved ones. And yes to your work too.


This might not be a secret to most of you but here is how you can do that. Spend time, some quality time to yourself. Recharge yourself. Collect your thoughts and make plans, specific plans for the day. Divide each of your tasks into compartments and spread them around in your day and get them going.
This works best when you are relaxed and especially when you have just woken up. That is the time when you are fresh and clear in your mid and it helps to concentrate your raw energy to plan your day.

Make specific plans and follow them as you go. Sometimes it is okay to note down these plans on a piece of paper till you get the hang of it and follow them by default. If you are a leader with a team to manage, it is essential to envision how your team would be performing all along the day. If you are on to assigning them tasks, then plan them now and do that assignment right away. It will help them plan their day too.  Be very specific in what you plan too. That makes it easier to maintain than clog your day into too many things. I would recommend having breaks once in a while in your schedule. Also keep the most time consuming and the difficult tasks towards the earlier part of the day so they would have the best out of you and exhaust you less. 

Did I mention you need to have some time for the family too? Put them on your plan too. And to close the day and to keep this exercise healthy, have some me time to look at what you have planned and how many of those planned tasks could you complete in your day. Appreciate yourself if you have met your plans and don’t be disappointed if you miss some. Plan better the next day and soon enough you are a master of your day and yes your ME time has paid you off.

This article is inspired by this ME time post. Read more such interesting articles here.

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