Love your skin. Handle it with care.

Really. I wonder sometimes. Not about the deep beauty inside the heart. I mean I know that it is the true measure of one’s heart but about the skin and other such beauty tips floating around.

What do we trust? How do we know that following a certain routine will actually help unless you follow it. Too many things are being said with so much authenticity and we try follow some and are confused. Take for example the best solution to make your skin glow. Some say drink water. Some say drink green tea. Some say don’t drink tea drink coffee. I mean I am all for getting my skin to be beautiful and glow but some of the messages are clashing with each other.

What do I do?! So check properly and here it is. If you are healthy your skin will be healthy too. It is the largest organ in your body. And hence taking good care of your body will help in keeping your skin healthy and shining too. Yes drinking water helps but over doing it doesn’t help. Applying softening creams and moisturiser would help too. Again select one that matches to your skin tone and nourish the skin. I found that my skin is almost on the dry side and I need good moisturiser everyday to make sure I am comfortable and yes eating fresh leafy vegetables would help it be soft and healthy. Choose a good brand like Nivea or Garnier to ensure the parabens are less and the chemicals are minimal. Better check with a skin specialist before taking any. They would help in finding out what your skin type is and then would suggest you to get the best one that matches your skin type. A dry skin shows your body processes water faster than others. So you need to take care and keep yourself moisturized often. If you have an oily skin, ensure you have a good face wash in your kitty and use it frequently.

My mother swears on the age old remedies like coconut oil, soap-nut powder, gram flour, honey, curd, lemon, milk to keep the luscious skin shining regardless of the weather. Sometimes these techniques work better than most cosmetic cures available in the market. More than the cure it is the pleasure your grand mom or dad have in prescribing the solution and how to use it will make it more interesting. If you are really healthy on the inside your skin will show it too. So try the out, keep smiling and keep it healthy.
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