Dine together!

Switch off that TV, iPad, mobile phone and head off to dinner. This is the most important time for your family to bond and grow together. I for one would recommend knocking off all distractions and relaxing before you go to sleep or your dinner time. 
Family in the current scenario is more of a luxury than a necessity. With too many things apart from the idiot box to distract us, we are left running from pillar to post, sometimes quite literally.  A family that dines together stays together. Well that could be the adage for tomorrow. When you meet over a dinner table, papa, mama, children and grandparents and have a good time, we sort out things together.

When was the last time you called your parents and spent some quality time apart from the regular customary hi and hello? Don’t you wish you had more time everyday apart from the mother’s day special call to spend time and listen to your mom and dad – real quality time? Well if you, who had spend quite sometime with your family during the school days and all through your childhood when you had dinners, breakfasts and other typical ‘family’ times can only spare a few minutes, imagine how much time your kids would have for you in their working years! How busy would they be with their new gadgets and life! Spend the best times you have now with them and get the most out of it. After all you might rarely get another chance to have them sit next to you and actually listen to your stories and guidance.

I always cherish how many interesting tales my grand dad would have when he sat down for dinner. We would all run to him to listen to his tales, some of them made up just for fun.  Boy I miss those days. I still remember those tales and tell them to my children about the adventures he had. We used to discuss the books we read and the stories they had. Those were the book reviews that encouraged us to read and understand. Family time.. truly a luxury now.

Get on it. Get the most of your family when you can. Because when you sit down with your family, you are not chatting up or listening to tales but you are building bonds and making memories. Memories that last a life time. Memories that matter the most. To you.

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