Are you ready for a child?

Are you ready for a child? I mean completely ready? I thought I was and now I know how wrong I was!
You can never be completely ready for a child. You may think you are but you never can be. Until you actually have one! Boy! This is a tough job and you got to be ready to take on not just your physical work but mental stress too. You have to be doing double shift all night, all day, cleaning, cooking, washing, household chores and what not and yet be ready to do your office work. This is not an easy job. Trust me you will feel you are in a war zone all the time. That is exactly when you will start appreciating your parents patience and commitment and wonder how they could have done it all on their own. So take those walks seriously, that diet consciously and kick that laziness out of the way.
One thing I would recommend is to fall in shape before planning for a child as it would help you cope up with your stress levels and the physical work once you have a baby. You have to handle not just one but two of them (including your partner) and guess what, they both will be cranky too! Getting back into shape and taking up family time seriously helps you bond with the baby and the partner easily and it would make your life easier. 


But all the pain is lost and forgotten when you look at the eyes of the little toddler and their smile brightens your day up. These little angels need love, care, protection and they love you back. More than you can expect. I love when my little one looks at me and chuckles and giggles and I forget all my pain, strain and work related stress too! She is an angel and you would love it when you experience that pure love and are recharged to go back again and put your back into it.

Fortunately unlike our parents we have several apps, books and other sources on the internet to find out what to do and when and if you are really prepared these would help you some more to handle the last moment panic attacks and help you relax. Having someone to help you at home is wonderful or else read well and prepare well to take on this challenge and win. After all the child is taking care of you and not the other way around. 
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