Because he said so, I blog.

We were meeting for the second time.
This time I was sure to meet him after office hours. Last time I remember how tensed I was leaving all the work and meeting him for lunch.
Saturday is half working day for all but I always worked full time.
So I called him at 3pm to meet me. He wanted to discuss something.
“Writing? No way! I know I write poetry in Telugu but what is this blogging? I can’t”, I said. After all I studied in telugu medium and never had proper exposure to basics of English.
Why not? just give a try, he said and the discussion went on and on.
Saying ‘NO’ is impossible for me.
If I have to change one thing in life this would be the one I would like to change. I was uncomfortable saying NO but did not see any impact on the other face. I had to say ‘YES’. He promised me to help in correcting any mistakes if I do. 
He gave me a target to finalize the name. I did. PROMISING MOMENTS.
With all the hectic work schedule I was finding it difficult to write.
Our conversations were regular and blogging was the main topic.
Dos and Don’ts, Layouts, templates topics themes…
Somehow managed to write the first post just because he said so.
My post was a hit. Appreciated by all my colleagues. Post after post it went on well and I enjoyed writing. Slowly, when I realized that my stress and tension when penned down were fading, I was more relaxed and confident.
There was a time I had stopped blogging but I kept writing on paper.
There were no smart phone and apps then and I couldn’t sit in front of my computer or laptop in the middle of the night for long. I always kept a notebook under my pillow. Especially when I was sad, stressed at work, angry on someone whom I can’t shout at, when I was happy. Writing was a solace.
Slowly we became best buddies and this best friend of mine turned out to be my soulmate. Friendship to Courtship to Wedding to Parenthood his blogging and my writing played a major role. We still manage blogging and we still write on paper. Separately and sometimes together to capture and convert every moment into a memory.
Because he said so, I blogged and also got the best man in my life J


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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