Monthly Archives: February 2015

Good rhymes are here to stay.

I always repeated rhymes like a parrot when in school. Then came the time to say goodbye and I did it without even thinking more about them. One day, I was singing rhymes for my daughter and my husband said, did you notice the lyrics of all the rhymes you sang now? That’s how the […]

Going slow on blogging.

Now I know how diffficult it is to blog when there is a 2 year old at home.┬áIt happened with TV first, then with phone and now with laptop. This little one likes to try her hand at everything I work on or just hold my hand and route me to other place to play […]

Because he said so, I blog.

2008: We were meeting for the second time. This time I was sure to meet him after office hours. Last time I remember how tensed I was leaving all the work and meeting him for lunch. Saturday is half working day for all but I always worked full time. So I called him at 3pm […]