DIY – RU ready? Episode 1 – REPURPOSE

Repurpose is what I chose to start this series with. There are many upcycling ideas are planned to bring up to you. So, stay tuned.



I never felt to throw these sturdy boxes that comes with Surf excel detergent powder. I use it regularly so there are quite a few at home which I repourpose.
Here are few ways of how I use these boxes. The first two are the best we have used the box for.
1. My baby’s diapers
It can easily fit 10 nappies of small size and 7 of medium. I usually palce 6 medium and 1 wipes pack.

2. Clothes pins
This is the best one I used so far for clothes pins.
3. Sewing material
Make sure there are no loose needles
4. Toy box
It’s the best bet to store those tiny animals or cubes or magnetic alphabets

5. Box for Handkerchiefs
It’s easy for him to take one every morning without shouting for help :-).
6. Medicine box 
My bed side emergency medicines for my daughter
7. Coin Box
It might not stick if you move it frequently. I always keep it at one place so it works for me.
8. Socks 
All those cute socks of my daughter
9. Bills and Receipts
Unsorted bills till I move them to a file.

You may paste a gift paper on the boxes to make them beautiful  and stick a label to identify the stuff inside easily. 

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