DIY: R U ready? An Introduction

Refuse – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Re-purpose – Up-cycle
“R U ready?”  is going to be a series of DIY projects & ideas based on the above.
The well known 3 Rs are now grown up to a group of 5Rs. Recently ‘Refuse’ and ‘Repurpose’ have been added to the list.
My understanding after doing a good research on the terminology is as below.
Take an initiative to REFUSE, e.g., refuse to take a plastic bag. Refuse to use non-eco friendly or hazardous products. Refuse to smoke. Refuse to honk unnecessarily when on the road. Refuse to receive physical copies of bank or credit card statements, etc.
REDUCE the usage, e.g., reduce the usage of electricity. Try and depend on natural light as much as possible. Reduce energy consumption by car pooling. Pay bills online instead of going all the way to store to pay. Reduce printing as much as possible or print on both sides of the paper.
REUSING the product for the same purpose, e.g., grocery bags, oil can, water can, detergent storage jars, etc.
RECYCLING is sending the product back to its raw material stage which can be used to make the same product again, e.g., paper to paper, glass to glass, aluminium to aluminium, water to clean water, iron to iron, etc.,
REPURPOSE means using one product for another purpose without any/with minor changes to the original product, e.g., using food containers to plant some herbs, a ketchup bottle as a flower vase, etc.,
Up cycle:
UPCYCLE means upgrading or transforming a product into completely new product, something more beautiful and which can be used for a different purpose, e.g., old t-shirt into a bag, pieces of clothes tied together to make a floor rug, clutches and pouches made out of an old saree, an old tire made into a stool, a toddler bed to a reading table, etc.
So, here  at R U Ready? I am going to share few of my ideas and once in a while will share any others if I am really impressed and cannot control myself from sharing it with you all.

I hope you will like this series.

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