Writing on the wall – Part II – My darling daughter

My daughter started painting when she was 7 months old.


Then came her crawling and walking stage.


We got her a set of crayons and gave her a canvas sheet. We did not insist her to write on that but I wanted to treasure that sheet in case if she writes. She took her favorite orange color and started writing.  
After few hours at 3am while I was busy working on my laptop I noticed her standing behind me and writing on the wall. I was all smiles. The moment I was eagerly waiting for has arrived.Thanks to smart phone I could capture the moment. From then she did not stop writing on walls. We did not stop her from doing it.

Walls, laptop skins, plates, helmet, cup boards, sometimes on our dresses, bathroom tiles, washing machine what not? Some were pleasing with sober colors and some were shouting in black ;). When friends and relatives visit our home, some smile and appreciate and some just don’t say anything. Their way of looking at the walls say that they don’t have an eye for creativity 🙂 Some say, Oh! your daughter did this? On all walls? No problem with the house owner? Will you repaint and handover? That would cost you much. 
I am an active member of many parent groups on social media.


Few mothers have asked questions on removing crayon marks from the walls. Few of the questions really bothered me but there were some loving parents who wanted to do that before vacating their rented house. They made it sure they have treasured the walls in their cameras. How lovely!

Let me share two examples.
URGENT! I was away from my lo for two minutes and he scribbled on the wall and spoiled it. Please! please! please! let me know how to get rid of the marks.
There is a group of  7 kids visiting our home tomorrow morning. Kindly suggest activities. One lady said, give them crayons and drawing sheets. She immediately replies “Oh! No, can’t take the risk of my walls getting dirty.
I do not want to judge any one for sharing their opinion but had to share these two examples with you as they made me think and re-think and made me pen down my views in this series of blog post.
I am glad I found a like minded partner. My husband being a creative man, encourages every bit of mess I make at home 🙂 (While giving a try at recycling or some art work or re-organizing stuff at home every now and then). He never calls it a mess though. For him the most beautiful thing that his daughter does is writing on walls. He says, even Michael Angelo would have started with a single line. True!
One day, I asked my husband if he will have a problem when our daughter writes on walls? He said, “I will feel bad if she doesn’t. I will feel bad the day when I leave this house leaving her master piece of work.
Now after all these months, he still says, “I wish it is our own house. I would have treasured it for long. Crayons and paints are not permanent damages to any house. I don’t mind leaving the entire deposit or paint the house with the best of the quality of paint and handover. But I will capture a panoramic view of the walls when we leave to frame the amazing art. I am going to miss these walls.”
We could shoot a secret video while she was making her art for the first time in her bedroom. Please watch it here:  


We discussed, how some children are allowed to play only with one toy at a time that too the one which mother / father chooses. Write ONLY on a paper or coloring book. Colour WITHIN the lines. Are we not curbing their creativity? Are they not putting their mind on wall with a crayon? the beautiful co-ordination of hand and brain? Are we not stopping their expression?
If you are a parent who have been stopping your child from writing on walls or anywhere just think about it. You may be stopping another Michael Angelo or Davinci or Picasso from rising.


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  1. soooo Cute… nice to see kids activities as they grow up… God bless your little one…


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