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God! let it not be a girl. A tribute to Nirbhaya.

For the first time in my life with tears rolling down my cheeks, I said, “God! let it not be a girl”. I was scared and trembled. December 29, 2012 After many days, I opened google news and read ” Nirbhaya is no more”. The agitation, the outrage in the country and the name “Nirbhaya”. Everything […]

Writing on the wall – Part IV – Danielle Bruckert

Till yesterday, I really did not know Danielle Bruckert  except as the author of my most favourite children’s book : “Writing On Walls”. When I started writing these lines last night,  I wanted to see more details about her to understand her better.  I was amused to see her as the brain behind my favourite website […]

DIY: R U ready? An Introduction

Refuse – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Re-purpose – Up-cycle “R U ready?”  is going to be a series of DIY projects & ideas based on the above. The well known 3 Rs are now grown up to a group of 5Rs. Recently ‘Refuse’ and ‘Repurpose’ have been added to the list. My understanding after […]

Writing on the wall – III – Treasuring the wall art by my daughter

                    THE ARTIST   To read part -I please click here – To read part -II please click here – To read Part – IV please click here –

Writing on the wall – Part II – My darling daughter

My daughter started painting when she was 7 months old.     Then came her crawling and walking stage.   We got her a set of crayons and gave her a canvas sheet. We did not insist her to write on that but I wanted to treasure that sheet in case if she writes. She took […]