Writing on the wall – Part I – my nephew Jonah

Thankfully, our parents never disappointed us from writing on walls. I always heard them saying ‘if not kids, who will make noise?, if not kids who will scribble on walls?. Let them, we can paint the walls if required’. My brothers painted walls beautifully when they learned painting. Many years later my 2 yr old nephew Jonah painted all walls with crayons.
For many they were just the lines and curves which made the wall ugly (ugly, just to their eyes). Neither my parents never discouraged nor anyone at home.
When the time came to vacate the house, we handed over the house as it is as we haven’t got it painted when we entered the house and as per the agreement if they had painted it we should have handed over after painting.
Then came the day I went to collect the deposit amount. The house owner said. see, how bad the walls are. It’s all looking so ugly. I told they were not painted when handed over, she always said she will paint them once we shift in to that house but she never kept her words. She said, “I know, but look at the walls. All walls are scribbled with colors.  I will have to see how much should I deduct for painting and will call you in a day or two”. I got up and said, “Do not call me! I will not ask you for deposit. You can keep the entire amount and paint the house.”
Surprisingly, she is a teacher for pre primary class in an international school.
I had no problem   giving up the  deposit. I had the problem with the way a pre primary teacher is looking at the creativity of a 3 yr old kid. It’s all his 2 years of hard work. We never felt bad about losing the big money but we felt bad to leave that amazing work there on the walls.
I feel what they write on walls is not just lines but something really meaningful and artistic that little brain is carving in their mind which we can never understand as we do not know their how to read it. Agree? 

I have a beautiful story to share with you all about the same topic. Stay tuned and will meet you with the story in Part – II shortly.
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