Taxi for sure? or not sure?

I feel “Taxi for Sure” should rethink and rename its brand.
After all, brand name is the most effective and influential when you plan to avail services. When the brand is not up to the name it is better to change its name.
I had a plan to visit my friends place yesterday and had no clue about what time I would start as I had to travel with my little one. I was in no hurry or tensed as I was sure to get a taxi from ‘Taxi for sure’. That’s what they claim right? “Taxi at your fingertips anywhere, anytime! We promise a great booking experience and a smarter way to travel.”
I stay in a prominent area and asked for a taxi to another prominent place in Bangalore. If not immediately, at least with an hour of prior intimation.
Finally, logged on to the website and booked a taxi 1 hour 15 minutes before my plan of departure.
Here comes the beep on my phone in 10 minutes while I was getting ready. My request was cancelled.
When I called another taxi service they arrived in 30 mins. Service was good too. I had to pay a little more though. I don’t mind paying more if the service is really good. I never wanted to try TFS for that Rs.49/- for first 4 kms promise but for the assurance they gave for the taxi at anytime, anywhere. I trusted all that hype they did on social media few months ago when they were landing in Bangalore. If you think this is my first try and am being judgemental, No! it is not. I had a similar experience already.
Am I going back to taxi for sure?
NOT for Sure.


Pic is from here.

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