Book Review – Touch and Feel PLAY BOOK from the world of Eric Carle

When I opened the parcel, I was amazed with the brilliant look the book possessed. Absolutely glamorous with smooth surface and vibrant colors. It was a love at first sight for me. I touched and felt the apple on the cover page and slowly turned the page to see inside. I already started feeling like a kid.


But, for a moment, I was disappointed when I saw the next two pages. It was not the book I was looking for. I wanted the classic story book of “The very hungry caterpillar”. That’s what the title in the e-commerce website was showing and I bought this to read the story for my little one while she explore her touch and feel senses.
I went to the last page. A smile on my face. A big and stunningly beautiful image of a butterfly spread across two pages. With many colours, a rough texture and some gloss. If it was a one pager, I definitely would have framed it for my living room wall. Such a beauty it is.
Turned to the back page, read all that is written. I did not find anything written as “The very hungry caterpillar” anywhere. It was clearly mentioned that the pictures and illustrations are taken from the very hungry caterpillar and other Eric carle’s books.
Then I turned to cover page and saw the title “The world of Eric Carle – Touch and Feel Play book”. It is no where mentioned about the hungry caterpillar. So, whose mistake was that? Sellers. Definitely, Yes!. All my disappointment with the book has gone by now.
I started looking at the book in a different way altogether.
Appearance:  Gorgeous.
Size of the book: It’s big for the target customers. I mean babies and toddlers. 
Quality of the book: Very good. It’s a sturdy board book which gives a grip to those tiny fingers to hold the page and turn with ease.
Contents of the book: Illustrative, Interactive and playful. Animal Sounds, Words, Numbers, Colours, Shapes all in those 10 pages.Don’t expect too many colours, shapes and numbers. After all this is an introductory play book for older babies and toddlers.The book has beautiful textures to touch and feel. The pattern used for frogs skin, sheeps and lions fur are definitely a plus for the book. The texture on the house roof makes you feel that you really are touching a pantile.
Colours: Vibrant, bright and catchy.
Pages: 12 pages including the cover page and the back page.
Delights: There are two flaps to pull up and play some peek- a- boo.


Mirror under the a flap, a cocoon turning in to a caterpillar when you lift the and the colourful butterfly in the last page.


My recommendation: Go for it before your baby grows up. It’s good to introduce as early as possible. I am sure those lilttle fingers will come back to caress the pictures again and again and again. My baby is already loving to explore this book.
Illustrations are fabulous. Eric Carle undoubtedly has got two new fans. That’s me and my 22 month old daughter.Time to order more books.
The only negative in the purchase is, the price. It is high compared to the contents and pages.

My rating: 3.5/5

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