Monthly Archives: November 2014

Writing on the wall – Part I – my nephew Jonah

Thankfully, our parents never disappointed us from writing on walls. I always heard them saying ‘if not kids, who will make noise?, if not kids who will scribble on walls?. Let them, we can paint the walls if required’. My brothers painted walls beautifully when they learned painting. Many years later my 2 yr old nephew […]

Taxi for sure? or not sure?

I feel “Taxi for Sure” should rethink and rename its brand.   After all, brand name is the most effective and influential when you plan to avail services. When the brand is not up to the name it is better to change its name. I had a plan to visit my friends place yesterday and had […]

Book Review – Touch and Feel PLAY BOOK from the world of Eric Carle

When I opened the parcel, I was amazed with the brilliant look the book possessed. Absolutely glamorous with smooth surface and vibrant colors. It was a love at first sight for me. I touched and felt the apple on the cover page and slowly turned the page to see inside. I already started feeling like […]

The Miracle Soup

What makes my day? When my darling daughter wiggles her body and dances after having a sip of soup, juice or a spoonful of specially made food or payasam. She has been refusing to eat any food for last few days and we were worried about her lowering energy levels and appetite. Today, when my […]