Monthly Archives: October 2014


I wish my evening walks are as pleasing as the word ‘evening’. I visit a nearby park for walks some mornings and evenings. Neatly maintained specially for joggers but the neatness failed to stop giant mosquitoes attacking wildly. People enter to walk but these tiny mosquees make everyone run back in minutes. I wish if […]

Fighter Friend

There are two kinds of people. The one who sob,sob,sob till they are fine and the other who smile in pain. With a punctured vein on a ruptured forehead due to a cracker attack on diwali she could still smile and work like a machine at home the very next day. Stitches on vein and […]

Weird I am, I am not… I am, I am not…

I don’t know for some weird reason I like eating hospital canteen food. Am I crazy? I sometimes push my husband to take me to Apollo to have some kichdi or drive me to Narayana hrudayalaya for a lunch.

Unboxing my Cracker Box

5pm, strong coffee and a downpour. What a way to open my cracker box.   I love rains.  I just love them.  The only thing that I do not like is power cuts while it’s raining outside.  I miss those days I used to drench intentionally and come back home from work during rains. I miss […]