…together Prayer has been the most important thing in our lives since my childhood. We believe that “A family that prays together stays together”. My dad used to wake us u by  5 am and gather us for a family prayer.  I know how much I hated to wake up and sing with my eyes […]

… your heart One of my relatives is so strict with his children and wife that as soon as he enters the house all children used to move to their rooms and sit quietly. His wife also couldn’t speak to him much except obeying his rules. There was no option of saying something to dad. […]

…is not communication. Have you seen someone who doesn’t nag? Nagging can be the root cause of many broken relationships. It spreads slowly and silently like cancer. I admit I used to nag sometimes but with time I realized it when I am just in that mood of nagging, I make my mind to shut […]

… start making now! Time flies and memories don’t stay for long. As we get busy in our lives, we tend to forget beautiful moments in life. Often when we spend very little time on the memory and move on but we dwell a lot on negative memories. There were times when I saved chocolate […]

… Just listen. I have a naughty little niece who is pampered and difficult to handle when it comes to watching TV, eating and studying. She comes up with one or the other excuse and her soft-hearted mom melts down.  During her stays here in summer I was forced to play the strict aunt role. […]

…the EGO She is my best friend for 17 years. We have been through our thick and thin. We knew each other’s pulse. People thought we were sisters. We started our careers with the same organization. When in college, during exams I slept throughout the day while she read and made notes, photo copied and gave […]

… of small things. Joy is something you create on your own for you and the people around. You  don’t really need a big reason to find joy. During our courtship, one day my husband said something for fun which made me cry.I cried. He felt bad. Apologized. But I couldn’t stop crying. He took me […]

I am a very independent woman. Growing up in a big family with four boys and three sisters and having parents who encouraged us to go ahead and do whatever we wanted to achieve, studying in a city and working in a metro bustling with crowds helped this even more. I have traveled all over […]

… for a moment before you let it go.  You don’t agree? Read on… I had a roomie who had no control on her anger.  My first encounter with her was when she was angry. She was shouting at the cleaning lady and was expecting me to join her.  I was cool. She fought with […]

… say it,  show it.. Recently, in a mothers forum on facebook, a lady asked a question to other members. “When was the last time your husband said  ‘thank you’ or  ‘gave any compliment’ ?” 90% of the women said, Never Don’t remember Before wedding Thank you? My husband doesn’t know what that means For […]